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    Fair 2009, Odessa
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About us

BERHORD team is a group of independent companies acting together (“in team”) with the purpose of rendering to its CLIENT the optimal service. Our Client is the enterprise that intends to build a new production or modernize its technological process. 

We are represented in the following industries: winemaking, canning, diary, brewery and pharmaceutics on CIS and EC markets.

Our main targets:

  • Consideration of the latest achievements as regarded the required by the Client technology
  • Providing the CLIENT with the best solution with respect to the quality/price ratio
  • Providing the CLIENT with all stages of technology implementation and application “turnkey”

Only highly skilled staff is employed within our establishment, as well as young specialists and technical universities' gifted graduates.

All the photos published on the site are BERHORD team's original works.

The companies - members of the BERHORD team are:

  • "Berhord" LTD, Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Mounting, starting up, servicing, automation, modernization and piping of processing lines

  • “Stroitel' – K” LTD Krasnodar, Russian Federation

“Turnkey” designing and building of industrial objects

  • “AMPELOS-KUBANI” LTD Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Vineyard & orchard planting

  • "Berhord" LTD, Simferopol, Ukraine

Processing equipment supply

  • "Berhord" LTD, Baku, Azerbaijan

Processing equipment supply

  • "Berhord A&D" SRL, Chisinau, Moldova CERTIFIED ISO 9001-2000

Distributing of components for industrial automation and conveyors

  • BERHORD'SMART division, Chisinau, Moldova

OEM division for the production of industrial control system boards, automated pasteurizers, automated tartaric treatment heat exchangers, conveyor systems and multistage membrane filter housings

  • BERHORD SRL, Chisnau, Moldova CERTIFIED ISO 9001-2000

Engineering, supply, mounting, starting up, servicing, automation, modernization and piping of processing lines